A revue of the last years


2016 – Fruit-driven

A warm spring favored an early sprout, followed by a cold season with strong frost, which was -thank God - more moderate in our vineyards than in other wine-growing areas. This resulted in a reduction in yield, which ultimately had a positive effect on the quality of the wine. Through sufficient rainfall at the right time, the grapes were able to mature perfectly.

The wines are fresh and fruit-flavored, with fine minerality and beautiful acidity.
The Grüner Veltliner DAC Langelois and the Riesling DAC Urgestein are distinguished by their fruitiness, while the two DACs Grüner Veltliner Eichlberg and Riesling Irbling are characterized by melt, spice and minerality.

2015 – In Balance

The wines of this vintage are distinguished by their good maturation level and balance. The weather pattern favored an excellent physiological maturity of the grapes. The results are balanced wines with a beautiful fruit-acid equilibrium.

2014 – The challenge

After initially very good weather, heavy rains occurred in September, leading to high botrytis pressure. Only through consistent grape selection in the vineyards we could get good wines with a moderate alcohol level. The wines of the reserve area were initially closed and needed a much longer maturation period to develop their potential.

2013 – A great vintage

2013 was a relatively cool vintage with good maturity, which yielded fine elegant wines. The wines are very storable and score with minerality and fine acidity.